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Far From Blue

by Jonathan Young

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kamacharm Love his voice so much!! He is such a dreamboat! This album sounds a little like a "live" album. I like the "realness" of it. It's different than the popular music that's so heavily produced that even instruments don't sound like instruments! He clearly put a lot of heart into this! Favorite track: If This Ship Sinks.
Stacy Kohout
Stacy Kohout thumbnail
Stacy Kohout I like this album because it is a variety of music, some of which is not the usual music I listen too. But yet I like it anyway.
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released June 20, 2013

Written by Jonathan Young
Engineering by Jonathan Young, Nathan Lundstrom and Scott Abanto.
Production by Jonathan Young and Nathan Lundstrom.

All instrumental and vocal tracks performed by Jonathan Young with the exception of violins on "If This Ship Sinks" [Emmalyn Fried] and drums on "Best I Never Had" [Nathan Lundstrom].

Special thanks to Trevor Rodriguez [photography] and Travis Carte [graphic design, videography].



all rights reserved


Jonathan Young St Paul, Minnesota

songwriter // music designer // slant rhymer

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Track Name: The Beat
I'm here to entertain, I'm here to make you dance
satisfaction guaranteed, if you give me the chance
don't hesitate to sing, move your body grab a drink
forget about your worries and your plans
so listen close and let me take you further from
reality with this melody

so as long as there's a song that's left unwritten
I will write them all for you, if you just listen
let the music take control from your head down to your feet
tonight, lose yourself to the beat

I'm here to make you laugh, I'm here to make you cry
to make you fall in love with every single line
don't forget to tell your friends, play the album back again
screaming every hook and every rhyme
show the world that music can be better than a
teenage trend I'm not like them


It's not beautiful or perfect
I'm not an artist, I'm addicted
to that feeling that I get, only piano keys inflict
I could share with you if you wanted

Track Name: Don't Go Falling
The way that you are staring you’re focused on the prize
You start to move in closer and I’m almost paralyzed
you seem so awful certain but I’m not sure ‘bout this
you might come back to haunt me if you let me taste your kiss
but I will if you insist

just don’t be wasting your time thinking that
I’m the one you want me to be
baby don’t start for the sake of your heart
just don’t go falling, don’t go falling for me

You’re reaching for my pocket you slip your number in
you’ve been waiting long enough for this romance to begin
but I can’t buy you roses I can barely pay for rent
when you learn that I’m not perfect it may be a detriment
and you wouldn’t be content


girl I tried so hard to warn you, baby
careful or you might convince me
you’re the kind of girl who’s worth the risk
I didn’t want to fall in love tonight but
cupid has a thing for spite
and when he shoots his arrows he don’t miss so

If you’re wasting your time thinking that I’m
the one you want me to be
girl if you start I might give you my heart
If you go falling if you go falling just
don’t go falling, don’t go falling
if you go falling, if you go falling for me
Track Name: Talkin' bout Love [Explicit]
I swear she knows just how to take me by surprise
I swear I'll fall for her every goddamn time
you'd think I'd learn, but no, and when I turn to go
she grabs me by the hand and says “You're mine”

I'm talkin' bout the way she holds me tight
I'm talkin' bout the way she keeps me up all night
and the way she pulls me closer I can't fight
I'm talkin' bout love

There's nothing I can do I'm so under her spell
it's like my world's on fire, and she is hot as hell
I swear I can't think straight, I can't help but take the bait
Girl I've still got half my heart to sell


she says that she loves me she says that she cares but when I wake up in the morning will she still be lying there? could I be dreaming I won’t be surprised if my lonely heart hallucinates emotions in my mind
Track Name: Beautiful Nightmare
Just a little wink, just a little glance, I'm burning up, and she's the match
with just one look my heart ignites
she'll lead me on with every step, I'm falling for those angel eyes again
and there’s no turning back tonight

that girl's on fire and I just can't fight the flames
she makes her move, I know I'll lose, but I can't help but play the game

so stop me if I stop and stare, don't say you love me don't you dare
I swear I'm dreaming and that girl, she's a beautiful nightmare
it's like there's something in the air, but I'll save my words cause she don't care
I'll play my cards, she'll play my heart, and I know she won't play fair

She won't make me wait, she has got the itch she starts to reach for the lightswitch
The way she moves is so unfair
she’s the queen of hearts and I’ve lost my head bury me alive underneath the bed
yeah, it’s not love but I don’t care
Track Name: No One Has to Know
I swear to god that I'm losing my mind
that girl's and angel, fallin' from the sky, and
I'm just a mortal man, doing everything I can
to make her mine
don't ask me how I've been, cause if I told the truth
I haven't slept at all, I'm thinking about you
I feel alive again baby, I feel new, yeah new
you turned it all around and made these gray skies blue

Baby stay for awhile, and we can find somewhere to go
We're falling in love, and baby no one has to know

I almost lost it when I looked into her eyes
she stole my heart and left a hole inside
yeah, I can barely breathe, she's everything I need, but I'm
running out of time
don't ask me how I've been, cause if I told the truth
I lie awake at night, I'm thinking about you
I feel alive again, baby I feel new, yeah new
you turned it all around and made these gray skies blue
Track Name: Tomorrow Night
Close your eyes take a breath pull the ring out from my jacket
I am yours until death do us part, but we won't let it
you said yes I'll confess I've been falling into love
since that first sight and I'll love you even more tomorrow night

Newlywed, time just flies since I bent down on my knee and
now my life – a paradise you could say that I'm in dreamland
but it's real, what I feel and the way you drive me
crazy feels so right and I'll love you even more tomorrow night

love has never been so true girl I'm always far from blue
when we touch my heart starts soaring
and all those little things you do when I fall asleep with you
I'm still smiling in the morning

there's a child in my arms and she's named after your mother
tears of joy on your face and a smiling older brother
finish my lullaby and I'll sing it to the children
at twilight and I'll sing to them again tomorrow night
girl I'll sing to you again tomorrow night
Track Name: Almost to Memphis
We both knew that this would happen, that I'd go chasing dreams
cause your love and my aspirations had me tearing at the seams
so I’ll move to California or maybe Tennessee
and baby, when I hit the charts I hope that you remember me
I swear that I loved you girl, but now it’s not worth the time
I've got my microphone you've got your nine to five

and I'm almost to Memphis, ready or not, I barely made my flight
unexpected, your friends think I'm hot when they see my name in lights
I'm not heartless, but I just don't care I love this more than you
I'm almost to Memphis and I'm never coming back to you

I’ve never dealt with the devil cause I don't believe in hell
and I'd rather keep my soul and just learn guitar myself
then maybe I'll move to California or maybe Tennessee
and sell these songs I wrote cause they're worth more to them than me
give me just two more years I'll have the world at my feet
rock and roll ain't dead as long as my heart beats

girl, I won't say goodbye the spotlight calls my name tonight
my memories of you will rest in peace
I don't have time to cry for broken hearts or love gone dry
and girl, you clearly don't have time for me