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Honeymoon - Single

by Jonathan Young

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released February 21, 2015

written and produced by Jonathan Young



all rights reserved


Jonathan Young St Paul, Minnesota

songwriter // music designer // slant rhymer

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Track Name: Honeymoon
that girl, that girl, that girl
she takes me on a ride
she's wild, she's wonderful
I can't believe she's mine
running like a river,
her body is the sea
I'm always underwater
she's the only thing I see

that girl, that girl, that girl
she's swimming through my head
washin' all my pain away
with dreams of her instead
drowning like a sailor,
her body is the sea
and every kiss a wave
that keeps on crashin' into me

~well, all my ships are sinking
and I'm dancing in the rain
she's the thunder, she's the lightning
and she's wild like a hurricane
and in her eyes, a paradise
and all my skies are blue
every day is a vacation,
every night is a honeymoon

that girl, that girl, that girl
sweepin' me off of my feet
she's the current in the ocean
when it pulls you down and deep
falling like a raindrop
her body is the sea
I'll never stop descending till she's
tangled up in me


*every single night
girl is gonna take me on vacation
lover every night is a honeymoon

I've been shipwrecked
barely breathing but alive
surrounded by the blue between
the water and the sky
she takes me by the hand
and every step is like the tide
her current keeps me floating
I feel fine


*every single night
every night is a honeymoon